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BurnPad is an Editor that can be used for techincal or non-technical users. Just think of it as NotePad and WordPad came together. Not only can you use this for document editing and creation, but you can also use this for VB Scripting or UTC Log Decryption.  This is our first shot at a VB Editor so future improvements for this function will hopefully bring it up to speed with all the other scripting editors.

Quick Facts:

Release Date: 4/7/2005
File Size: 3.9MB (3987KB)
License: 90 Days
System Requirements: Windows NT 4.0, W2k Pro, Advance Server, Windows XP home or Pro, Win 32 Bit Systems
Installer Included: Yes
Main File: bspd.exe
Zip Style: Self Extracting, Self-Installing
Support Line: Support Forum,Phone,eMail,Chat
Price: 9.9900
Sale Note: All Sale Are Final. Click here to read why.
Upgrade Price: Free
Shipping: 0.0000
Registration: Once you pay for the product you will get an email notification that you are in our system and our Customer Service will send you an email with the Registration Key.


Electronic Version
Version 5.2.368